Creating Peace In Your Kid's Spaces

September 6, 2017


Just like it's important to clear our own spaces to stay clear minded, same goes for kids. 


Kids need their spaces cleared to maintain peace of mind and to be able to keep their focus on WHO they WANT TO BE.


As kids grow and their needs change, their space needs to adapt to accommodate.  When organized, kids are less apt to be anxious.  


Kids that help set up their spaces are more likely to put away their toys after play and maintain tidy areas. 


Like adults, kids designing their own spaces, selecting what counts and what doesn't, go through an important SELF-DISCOVERY process that helps identify WHO THEY ARE. 


Help your own kids by encouraging the importance of space design and allowing actual space in personal living areas. By allowing our eyes to breathe from clutter, we create peace. 


I guarantee after tidying your kids rooms they will express sheer joy. After a few months, kids will learn the inner peace and happiness it creates and will tidy on their own.



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