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Kia will connect with you “heart to heart”, will have you dressing with ease, looking and feeling confident.  there for YOU, anywhere, anytime, to support YOU.​ Kia offers personal sessions, parent/child sessions as well as partnership coaching all of which result in relationship and personal harmony. Empowerment sessions and her signature "H.E.A.R.T." process will fine-tune WHO YOU ARE, sharpen your senses, improve your creativity, coping skills and develop your POWER OF SELF.

"Some of the best "heart to hearts" have been with players in the gym, actors on set, music artists at the studio and executives in retail dressing rooms. The REAL YOU reveals itself when you're ready, and I am here for you when it does. We choose WHO WE ARE and how we move forward. Choose to step into your most positive awesome self EVERY DAY.  Reflect YOU in all that you do and in all that you represent."   Kia 

Closet Renew: Fine-Tuning
Kid's Updates
Clear Out "You"

Expect great things to happen once you have cleared your space, meaning organized your entire living area to represent YOU at your BEST SELF & only that which serves your greatest good.  Kia uses your intuition, her own, feng shui and elbow grease to get you where you want and need to be. 

Personal Shopping:

Kia has always enjoyed shopping with others because in it she has found a way to empower others. Kia has expert design background to bring you up to speed on how to shop, fit garments, use what y.She'sShe encourages others to put on music before dressing, give thanks to the body and the clothes. Keep a powerful strong mindset regarding your personal self staring back in the mirror. 

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